We are a social venture with the belief that socio economic empowerment of women begins with income generation and education.

Safa introduces the urban illiterate women to sustainable livelihoods and supports them in education of their children through an area based community model that retains the cultural and social identity of the women.

In today’s social environment in Hyderabad, India, underprivileged women in the lower strata of society are financially dependent. Families are going through hardships unable to sustain themselves and their children owing to illiteracy and lack of proper skills

Cost of living in metropolitan cities has furthermore decreased the economic status of large families. The women are handicapped in generating an acceptable family income and girl-child education became a luxury. As generations are changing, the majority of the girls in these families are remaining without any education. This is accelerating the scarcity of women work force and results in more poverty and illiteracy rates.

Faheem Begum and Afshan:

“We bought these drums from our earnings at Safa. The drums store water to wash clothes, bathe etc. Water in our area comes on alternate days and up till now we have been storing water in small cans and buckets. The drums are sturdy and we intend to use them for a long time. It was something we wanted to buy since long. It will help ease up our daily chores and also save us time and effort.”

What does Safa do?

Since three years Safa works in the Bhola Nagar locality. Safa is a social venture that is convinced that socio economic empowerment of women starts with generating an acceptable income and getting education. Safa introduces the urban illiterate women to sustainable livelihoods through an area based community model that respects the cultural and social identity of the women in the society. Also Safa supports them in educating their children.

Training and Income generation

Safa provides livelihood trainings such as tailoring and embroidery skills. But also educates the women in entrepreneurship opportunities and access to finance (micro savings). Besides of that Safa generates a source of income for the women by manufacturing and selling handmade products with unique ethnic like zardozi, shadow work, chain and crewel stitch work. These products range from multipurpose mats, to cell phone covers and gift bags.

As Safa women create products they are becoming agents of change – respected by community, family and themselves

Reading club helps

“We just wound up our Roshni Reading Club with fifteen women”, says Ms. Shanti Kushaldas, facilitator. The club is to create awareness on health, hygiene, low cost nutrition, common diseases etc. The women are in the age of 24 to 56 and are illiterate or school dropouts. After the ten lecture sessions all women received a certificate. The response was very heart warming and we found we have definitely made an impact on them. This has motivated Safa to reach our target of 100 women this year.

‘I now take (at least) a body bath daily’

‘I now eat with my family and do not eat only left overs’

‘We have been taught what our mothers did not teach us’ (a 24 year old widow with a severely anemic child)

‘I know now that sprouts are good for health. I know how to cut vegetables, when to wash and how to cook to preserve nutrition’

School fees

The earned profit is invested in education for the community. By selling the products on the Hyderabad market, Safa is able to pay the school fee and school supplies for the girl child’s.In this way Safa helps two generations. In the long term these girls are able to work and earn regular income so their family and also the community is able to develop on socio-economically way and, of course, this will improve their situation.

Activities for women

– income generating /vocational training programs
– access to finance
– market orientation and value education
– counselling support
– Henna / Mehendi design teams available
– Arabic and Marwari designs for weddings / festivals etc.

activities for children

– school fee sponsorships
– peace & value education programs

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