Programs on Livelihood and Education

Our focus remains on bridging the gap between Learning to earning and towards this we have structured skill trainings ,income generating programs and sponsorships for school fees for the girl child

Skill Trainings (towards Livelihood activity)

1) Target group – Illiterate and semi literate women Skills

Tailoring, Marketing of feminine health care products (sanitary napkins),teacher assistants programs to run after school academies in slums , mobilizing training etc . The women trained are then encouraged to join in capacity building programs which empower them with knowledge to move ahead . Many of the trained women join our Production teams ,set up own units or are placed . The trainings are imparted through 2 training centers covering 8 slums .

Target group- Youth (18-27 years)

Tech Mahindra a SMART center is a foundational skill training center set up in 2014 to train marginalized youth in basic IT skills, communication CRS(3 month program ) . The youth are trained are then placed in retail and IT sector . The center based at Mehdipatnam will train 350 youth every year with a focus of 80% placement rate .

3) BSBT MY CENTER is a Mainstreaming youth training center set up in 2015 to train in basic IT skills and Communication (3 month program). The youth trained are then placed in retail and IT sector. The center is based at Masab tank garden towers over 240 youth get trained every year with a focus of 70% placement rate .


1)Sponsorship of “vulnerable”girls from underprivileged homes – STEP Project

We currently sponsor 145 children in age group 6-15 ,majority of them being girls and in the age group 10 years onwards . These children attend an affordable private school in English medium which is in proximity to their homes and also the community based office of SAFA . Our goal is to ensure that girls complete their high school and do not drop out on attaining puberty. These children are monitored at academic level and parental involvement is monitored to ensure they complete high school . Life skills are also imparted to them in a structured program format extending to a year . The mothers of these children are also involved in the skill program for women .

2) Sitarey Program

43 girls at the junior college level are sponsored by SAFA in a corporate college and are currently undergoing a full time course . The girls are also a part of the English language program imparted by native English language speakers at SAFA. Monitoring and counselling of girls and parents ensures the drop outs are reduced .

3) Urdu Language Classes (National Council of Promotion of Urdu language)

Working in a community based model establishes a need for community specific programs and the Urdu/Arabic language program has 154 adult men and women enrolled in a one year certificate course offered by a national body .

4) Society Academy for Free Education –SAFE units

10 SAFE units across 2 slums i.e bhola nagar & hakimshapet training 250 children every year who are first generation learners and school drop outs. These units are run by trained teachers from the community in their homes and are “after school home work support and strengthening basics” units .


To create a safe haven for children from the underprivileged communities which will enable them to read, get creative and learn life skills through games and activities, Children attending regular schools, governmentschools, and dropouts from first lancer and hakimshapet slums are a special focus with an age group – 4 to 16 years. Currently running 2 OASIS units in which every year 360 children get trained .

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